Virginia Fugsen

Oct 31, 2006 by Heather at 2:36 PM
Evidently, Virginia Madsen's Halloween costume this year was, " Orange Julia."  Get it? Orange Julius ... Julia...  See what… Read More »


Oct 31, 2006 by Jessica at 9:45 AM
Anatomy of a Fug: Part One [Obligatory bit about Halle Berry's great beauty here.] [Sentence about her ability… Read More »

Fugterial Girls

Oct 31, 2006 by Heather at 8:47 AM
Hilary Duff has done a nice job remaking herself recently into a more stylish, sleek version of the child star… Read More »

Fuganne Somers

Oct 30, 2006 by Heather at 3:13 PM
Not realizing Willy Wonka isn't real, Suzanne Somers turned herself into a human Golden Ticket in the hope of… Read More »

Efugabeth Mitchell

Oct 30, 2006 by Heather at 1:26 PM
Further adventures in misguided belting, courtesy of Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell: I stared at this… Read More »

Fug the Cover: Jessica Alba

Oct 30, 2006 by Jessica at 12:20 PM
There is no doubt that Jessica Alba is a pretty, pretty girl.  (We've also heard that she's a crazy… Read More »

Fuggy-Kate Olsen

Oct 30, 2006 by Heather at 8:19 AM
Oh, Frankie. That's good advice. And I'd like to relax -- really, I would -- but, see,… Read More »

Joanie Fugger

Oct 27, 2006 by Jessica at 3:53 PM
So, former WWE personality Joanie "Chyna" Laurer is kind of a mess to begin with, right? I mean, this… Read More »

Fugthy Hilton

Oct 27, 2006 by Heather at 2:01 PM
When it comes to Paris Hilton, I prefer not to think of her actually coming from anyone. As far… Read More »


Oct 27, 2006 by Jessica at 12:02 PM
Okaaaay: I don't know what is going on here.  I can't tell if this is a… Read More »

Fug Stolz

Oct 27, 2006 by Heather at 10:48 AM
Remember Kim Stolz, the snarky lesbian on America's Next Top Model's fifth "cycle"? Have you ever wondered what she… Read More »


Oct 26, 2006 by Jessica at 4:06 PM
Historically, Kate Moss has managed to avoid our wrath, mostly because she is one of the few people who… Read More »

Chrystee Fugris

Oct 26, 2006 by Heather at 1:28 PM
Chrystee Pharris used to be on Passions. And although at times Passions is the best show on television bar… Read More »

Mary-Fug Olsen

Oct 26, 2006 by Heather at 10:58 AM
Every so often in a girl's life, she goes out and she stays there too late. We here at… Read More »

Sweet Valley Fug

Oct 26, 2006 by Jessica at 8:50 AM
This is  a difficult time for a Fug Girl.  With the resurgence of the fashion of the 80s, plus… Read More »
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