Kimberly Fugwell

Jun 30, 2005 by Heather at 11:02 AM
When did Kimberly Caldwell** turn into Pink? [Photo by Daily Celeb.] ** You might also ask,… Read More »

Letter of Fug: The Scrolldown

Jun 29, 2005 by Jessica at 2:59 PM
Hi y'all! It's been so long, y'all! But I've been so busy, you know,… Read More »

Denim Fuggers

Jun 29, 2005 by Heather at 12:48 PM
Oh my God, Duffgirl. HEM THEM. How has no one explained to you how that works? Do you want the… Read More »

BET Awards Fug Carpet: Blu Cantrell

Jun 29, 2005 by Heather at 10:49 AM
Blu, Blu, Blu. [Photo by Daily Celeb.] Let's start at -- or near -- the top:… Read More »


Jun 28, 2005 by Heather at 6:11 PM
I never really understood the point of Dominique Swain -- I mean, does the world really need a discount… Read More »

In Fug Company

Jun 27, 2005 by Heather at 1:45 PM
Oh, Scarlett, look what you've done. Are you okay? Did you know that you put on leggings… Read More »

Elizabeth Fugley

Jun 27, 2005 by Heather at 10:50 AM
Sigh. And she was so close to looking fabulous... I suppose it could have been even… Read More »

War Of The Fug

Jun 27, 2005 by Heather at 7:46 AM
Little Dakota Fanning's parents need to stop playing dress-up with her. Cute girl, good actress… Read More »


Jun 24, 2005 by Heather at 1:45 PM
Fergie orded the audience to be patient. The concert demanded a costume change, but even… Read More »

I Dream Of Fuggie

Jun 24, 2005 by Heather at 11:04 AM
If it were Hallowe'en, I would wonder if Sienna Miller is dressed as the Bride of Aladdin, but as… Read More »

Fugger In The Dark

Jun 24, 2005 by Heather at 7:10 AM
What the...? I don't understand: I know Bjork is not on the same plane as… Read More »

The Fug Queen Is Back, Slowly But (We Hope) Surely

Jun 23, 2005 by Heather at 2:54 PM
Lo! Two Peldons! [Photo by Daily Celeb.] Brown Peldon needn't look so proud of her skirt. Read More »

Fug Anthony

Jun 23, 2005 by Jessica at 11:15 AM
"No, no, everyone. I'm fine. I'm fine. Nothing to see here! Just bringing my wife… Read More »


Jun 23, 2005 by Heather at 7:38 AM
What the hell is Beyonce wearing? I'll grant that Beyonce is so far the only… Read More »

That Fugly Show

Jun 22, 2005 by Heather at 4:56 PM
As we continue to worry about Ashton Kutcher's descent into skankdom, it's worth noting that there is a very,… Read More »
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