American Fuggy

Apr 29, 2005 by Heather at 11:33 AM
Thora Birch looks like Carson Kressly in a gay rodeo. Read More »


Apr 28, 2005 by Heather at 4:20 PM
Either Demi Moore is hiding something, or Ashton gets off on the age difference so much that he's got… Read More »

Fug Wars: Attack of the Fug

Apr 28, 2005 by Heather at 12:54 PM
Finally, Bai Ling has found a collection of people who think she is rather well-dressed: [Photo courtesy of… Read More »

Mean Fug

Apr 27, 2005 by Heather at 3:53 PM
Generosity must be the new liposuction, for it seems that the flood of sincere affection and admiration that recently… Read More »

Veronica Fug

Apr 27, 2005 by Heather at 2:39 PM
Kristen Bell is an adorable girl, but this bermuda shorts thing has GOT to stop: [Photo courtesy… Read More »

Ella Fugchanted

Apr 27, 2005 by Heather at 11:34 AM
Judging by the outcroppings of downy, slightly mangy fuzz springing up in uncomfortable places, I'd say Anne Hathaway's shirt… Read More »

Fuggy Fugbourne

Apr 26, 2005 by Heather at 2:38 PM
I can't decide which Kelly Osbourne is more proud of: her breasts, or the fact that she skinned a… Read More »

Just My Fug

Apr 25, 2005 by Heather at 6:29 PM
If there's anything lamer than a trucker hat, it's when a celebrity decides to personalize them as a way of… Read More »


Apr 25, 2005 by Heather at 10:51 AM
[Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb.] "Look, Natalie, sometimes fairy godmothers get tired, okay? Sometimes they're sick and… Read More »

Celebrity Terror Watch: Dim Your High-Beams

Apr 25, 2005 by Heather at 8:36 AM
We felt so awkward about Cat Stone's nip slip -- which is less of a slip than a very… Read More »

Fug, By Nicky Hilton

Apr 24, 2005 by Heather at 11:09 PM
In a move that's a bit like asking Joan Rivers to give you a face-lift just because she's had eleventy-five… Read More »

To Whom It May Fugcern

Apr 22, 2005 by Jessica at 12:13 PM
Over the past few weeks, the comments have spiraled out of control. We're closing them for the foreseeable future. Read More »

Random Fug

Apr 21, 2005 by Heather at 12:28 PM
[Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb.] Good luck at clown college, Jennifer Hall! Read More »

Fug World

Apr 21, 2005 by Jessica at 10:10 AM
Here's the thing: I love Posh and Becks. She's so deliciously tacky and he's know, extremely hot in… Read More »

Random Fug

Apr 20, 2005 by Heather at 11:00 AM
[Photo courtesy of Daily Celeb.] These pants are: a) Part of a performance-art campaign that… Read More »
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