The Fugly In Red

Sep 30, 2004 by Heather at 3:03 PM
To the inventor of what is apparently industrial-strength boob tape: Lil' Kim has taught the world… Read More »

Mother, May I Sleep With Fug?

Sep 30, 2004 by Jessica at 11:53 AM
Looks like Donna Martin didn't graduate from the school of good taste: Tori Spelling mistakenly equates "mismatched 80s… Read More »

Young Fug

Sep 29, 2004 by Heather at 5:12 PM
Hey, almost-unrecognizable-and-surprisingly-mannish Amy Davidson, listen up: One simple rule of fugging oneself is matching one's hat with one's eye… Read More »

My Prerogifug

Sep 29, 2004 by Jessica at 11:05 AM
Britney Spears is so right. I am sorry that I don't have what she has. To wit:… Read More »

The Fug Pimp

Sep 28, 2004 by Heather at 9:54 PM
This man's name is Archbishop Don Magic Juan. Which makes perfect sense, especially if that actually is a blinged-out… Read More »

Top Fug

Sep 28, 2004 by Jessica at 5:13 PM
Thanks for dressing up for the premiere of Shark Tales, Goose. What's with the backpack? Is… Read More »

The Fug and the Restless

Sep 28, 2004 by Heather at 9:17 AM
It's like a little mesh tumor. Or a sartorial head-wound. Maybe somebody bought it for her dog… Read More »

Mimi Fuggers

Sep 28, 2004 by Heather at 9:11 AM
Is Mimi Rogers reliving her high-school prom? I'm happy to see that she's so fond of her knit… Read More »

Fugson’s Creek

Sep 27, 2004 by Jessica at 5:44 PM
"Sorry I'm late, you guys! My tap class ran late and I didn't have time to change!" Read More »

The Fug Sense

Sep 27, 2004 by Heather at 1:56 PM
Judging by her sulky facial expression, Mischa Barton didn't think to look in the mirror until after she arrived… Read More »

Fug, Actually

Sep 27, 2004 by Heather at 1:49 PM
Somebody remind me what the big deal is about Keira Knightley, because on a good day it sort of… Read More »

New York Fugshion Week: Beware!

Sep 27, 2004 by Jessica at 11:49 AM
New York Fashion Week Fever strikes again. NYFWF is a rare, serious disease that affects mostly women… Read More »

Fugicide: Life On The Streets

Sep 27, 2004 by Jessica at 11:09 AM
It appears that the Curse of the Baldwins has struck again. It's not that Daniel… Read More »

The Fug After Tomorrow

Sep 26, 2004 by Heather at 4:38 PM
Dear Emmy Rossum, Look at you! You are a very, very pretty girl, and you're very… Read More »

Fug Vogue Awards

Sep 24, 2004 by Heather at 6:25 PM
Oh my God, you guys! Bai Ling left the house looking weird, and with 80 percent of… Read More »
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