Can I Get A Fug Fug?

Jul 30, 2004 by Jessica at 12:11 PM
The thing I like best about Lil' Kim is her delicate grasp of decorum and modesty. Read More »

Fugth Heaven

Jul 30, 2004 by Jessica at 11:33 AM
Hi! I'm David Gallagher, the boy child on Seventh Heaven who isn't Barry Watson! I'm all grown up now! Read More »

Billionaire Fugboy

Jul 30, 2004 by Heather at 11:03 AM
I had never heard of the rich "playboy" Steven Bing until he knocked up Elizabeth Hurley, and since then… Read More »

Fug Eye for the Queer Guy

Jul 29, 2004 by Heather at 6:33 PM
All the Queer Eye guys have their quirks: Kyan's the hot one who handles makeovers, Ted's the wry one… Read More »

“My gift is my fuuuuuug, and… this one’s for you.”

Jul 29, 2004 by Heather at 2:23 PM
Once upon a time, I killed Hugh Grant in favor of marrying Ewan MacGregor and fucking the daylights out… Read More »

Fug Trouble

Jul 28, 2004 by Heather at 3:56 PM
Granted, Tom Sizemore's thuggish, overconfident brand of charisma never really turned my personal crank, but it's still intriguing to… Read More »

Are You Gonna Fug My Way?

Jul 28, 2004 by Jessica at 3:07 PM
I wish I had a better picture of this event, but I think the one below will suffice. Read More »

Sometimes The Fug Needs No Explanation

Jul 28, 2004 by Jessica at 11:11 AM
A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, those words include; "Why isn't this guy a checker… Read More »

Fug On Earth

Jul 28, 2004 by Heather at 10:15 AM
In part because of her striking resemblance to master fugstress Helen Hunt, and in part because she speaks like… Read More »

The Brothers McFuggin

Jul 27, 2004 by Jessica at 9:24 PM
In my haste to make fun of Ben Affleck's appearance at the premiere of The Bourne Supremacy last week,… Read More »

I’m Running Out of Puns For Courtney Fug, Here

Jul 27, 2004 by Jessica at 4:27 PM
This woman needs rehab? No way! Doesn't she look petulant? "Your hoooooooneeeeer, I don't waaaaaaaana go to rehaaaaaab." At… Read More »

Fug. James Fug.

Jul 27, 2004 by Jessica at 11:24 AM
Let's get one thing straight. Pierce Brosnan is not fugly. Not in the least. Not at all. Not anywhere… Read More »

Fug The Ad: Sarah Jessica Parker

Jul 26, 2004 by Heather at 5:04 PM
Sarah Jessica Parker has just shot an ad for The Gap: Ms. Fugker has always been… Read More »

Dude Looks Like A Fugly

Jul 26, 2004 by Jessica at 2:04 PM
Living on the edge, indeed. Ladies and gents, Joe Perry. [Steven Tyler looks more and more like an… Read More »

My So-Called Fug

Jul 26, 2004 by Jessica at 12:36 PM
Jared Leto decided to drop by the Ten by Tanqueray Pool Party Benefitting Telkdgn948yhn -- sorry, I… Read More »
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