Goodbye Fug — For Now: Lil’ Kim

Oct 29, 2004 by Jessica at 11:57 AM
Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, Lil' Kim. I know. I can't believe it either. Read More »

Patricia Fugquette

Oct 28, 2004 by Heather at 3:02 PM
I don't think there was a Wild West theme at this Mercedes-Benz event in honor of diabetes research:… Read More »

Random Fug

Oct 28, 2004 by Heather at 11:48 AM
This woman wrote, directed, and acted in a movie called Kiss The Bride. I just felt like… Read More »

Random Fug: Jenny McShane

Oct 28, 2004 by Heather at 10:07 AM
This is Jenny McShane. You may recognize her from the important work she did in Shark Attack… Read More »

My Fugly Ending

Oct 28, 2004 by Jessica at 1:32 AM
Remember that Sweet Valley High book where Elizabeth gets in the motorcycle accident and ends up in a coma and… Read More »

Kabbalah Fugs: The Sisters Peldon

Oct 27, 2004 by Heather at 3:22 PM
Throw a party in honor of a book about a piece of red yarn, and all the stars come… Read More »

Fugly Richter Controls the Fugliverse

Oct 27, 2004 by Jessica at 1:34 PM
Look. I like Paget Brewster a lot. Her name is cool. She was cute on Friends -- remember when… Read More »

Radio Music Awards: Fuglee Simpson

Oct 26, 2004 by Heather at 9:03 AM
"Hi, y'all! Come on, give it up for me! Yeah! I'm battling through a frightening attack of… Read More »

Radio Music Awards Fug Carpet: Aaron Carter

Oct 26, 2004 by Heather at 8:48 AM
Lindsay. Hilary. Are you here? Because you need to see something. This is the guy you were fighting… Read More »

Radio Music Awards Fug Carpet: Alanis Morissette

Oct 26, 2004 by Heather at 8:41 AM
I'm happy Alanis Morrissette freed herself from a hostage situation so she could come to the RMAs, but she… Read More »

VMAs Latin America: Back to the Fug

Oct 22, 2004 by Jessica at 10:21 AM
Not to put too fine a point on it: what the hell is going on here? Read More »

Fugstore Fugboy

Oct 21, 2004 by Jessica at 4:12 PM
Heather Graham is so confused: Pants? Or macrame dress? Pants? Or macrame dress? Macrame dress with… Read More »

Fug the Vote

Oct 21, 2004 by Heather at 10:53 AM
What's fuglier than Courtney Peldon on a red carpet? A) Maggie Gyllenhaal B) Chloe Sevigny C)… Read More »

Random Fug: Just Say No To Leggings

Oct 20, 2004 by Jessica at 1:44 PM
In the past, we here at Go Fug Yourself have been accused of not appreciating "risk-taking" fashion. Which is… Read More »

Fug Hunter

Oct 19, 2004 by Heather at 4:08 PM
It's for her role as a bounty hunter, but... I am not loving Keira Knightley's new haircut. Read More »
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