Fugs and Pieces, August 26th, 2016


Programming alert! The VMAs are Sunday (we took a look back at its red carpet from 2006 earlier today), so make sure you swing by on Monday for complete coverage. Until then:

– This is so flipping good. Elle had a variety of Emmy nominees perform the “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” monologue from Friday Night Lights. Sterling K Brown as Coach Taylor is essentially the only thing I need in my life, ever, it turn out:

(At one point, I swear Tracee Ellis Ross is doing Marta Karolyi, also. Plus, I mean, Keegan-Michael Key. And Rachel Bloom! It’s just really good.)

H and I wrote a retrospective of Britney Spear’s most iconic red carpet looks for Cosmo, and it was really fun. Also, in case you forgot: BODY BE BANGIN’. Wow, Britney.

– Also: You’ve got another week or so to take advantage of the Buy Two Get One Free sale that B&N is having on their favorite paperbacks, one of which is The Royal We!

– This is amazing, at Bright Side: Auto mechanics pay homage to the legendary artworks of Renaissance painters

– Also fascinating: Forensic analysis of pigtails to help identify original ‘mutineers of H.M.S. Bounty’ [Phys.org]

– The Cut wonders, in light of Nate Parker’s college rape accusations, Is It Okay to See Birth of a Nation?

– At Mashable, these are fascinating late-1800s photochroms of Istanbul.

– At Lainey: Aw! I also totally forgot these two were married, and I love them together.

– Also at Lainey, is it so WRONG if I want these two to get back together? IS IT?

– Relevant to our interests, at Revelist: 11 times Helen Mirren proved she’s a feminist goddess

– This is a really interesting look at the history of A Star Is Born, at Vulture.

– Really interesting, and highly complex, at Indie Wire: Plagiarism Accusation Ignites Behind-the-Scenes Battle Over Costume Design

– At Pajiba, we get our weekly Jason Momoa. THANK YOU.

– At Fashionista, Amy Schumer joins the ranks of a variety of celebs complaining about how much the Met Gala sucks. Gosh, it’s a shame that you’re legally obligated to attend it!  You know, in fairness, I get that the Met may not be Amy’s jam but that she felt she needed to go for her own PR. And that’s a totally, totally legitimate choice that she made for her career — and guess who got a Vogue cover this year? Exactly. I do not, however, think that it’s particularly necessary to go on Stern (now that said cover is out, and she’s gotten baller coverage from Vogue of her new memoir), and trash the whole thing (and backhandedly insult Alexander Wang in the process). Just…don’t go again? Problem solved!

– At Celebitchy, this is legit a question to which I need the answer:  Did Joshua Jackson & Ruth Wilson have a wine-soaked hookup this week?

And, finally, if you missed a few days here at GFY this week, some highlights:

– Here’s a round-up of all our Olympics coverage!

– We had a great chat about the items we like to buy whilst on vacay.

– We gave Blake Lively the retrospective treatment.

– J Lo baked a pie! She made it nice!

– Chloe Sevigny wore THE CUTEST shoes.

– This is probably the final round of September issues covers.



Royals Round-Up, August 26th, 2016

LOADS of extra bits and pieces from Wills and Kate’s two outings this week, among other items, including some stragglers from the Olympics.

In case you missed it earlier this week:

Wills and Kate both re-wore saucy patterns.

And Kate debuted a new red day dress that I covet.

And elsewhere:

– Racked did a big story about Kate style bloggers that I’m sure you’ll find interesting.

People did a story about Balmoral, where the Queen summers (and forces everyone else to visit).

Glommable offers a quiz to scientifically determine which of Henry VIII’s wives you are. I am Anne Boleyn, so that ends poorly for me. You’re all welcome for the greatest Queen England has ever known!

– We must all give thanks to Tatler for this slideshow of royal babies.

– Speaking of, Kate told a v. cute story about Prince George’s shenanigans this week. [Vanity Fair]

– The Court Jeweller rewinds to Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon’s wedding, fifteen years ago. Queen Maxima looks like an entirely different person now!

– At People, this is a tear-jerker: Prince William Tells Boy Who Lost His Mother He Still Misses Princess Diana Every Day

– And, finally, we’ve got new portraits of Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik:


Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at the Airport

It’s August. The celebs of the world do not even care. They are hot. They are sweaty. They cannot deal.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Who Fugged It Best: Rita Ora v. Chloe Grace Moretz

I find it HIGHLY amusing that one of these people is wearing this item as a shirt, and the other as a dress. First, please cast your eyes on Rita Ora, scampering to the set of America’s Next Top Model — I assume:

Rita Ora Steps Out In NYC

And then allow me to remind you that Ms Chloe Grace Moretz wore this self-same item when appearing on What What Happens Live earlier this year:

Chloe Grace Moretz Leaving The Bowery Hotel

Allow me, if you will, a side by side:

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Casually Well Played: Ciara


Ciara here is at a Keds event, and yes, she’s wearing a Canadian tuxedo of sorts.


And yes, this outfit is nothing to write home about, so why am I writing a blog post? Because those knee holes are the SMALLEST BODY WINDOWS Ciara has worn in A LONG TIME. MIRACLES ARE REAL, PEOPLE.

[Photo: Getty]


Mostly Well Played: Venus and Serena Williams


The US Open starts on Monday, and I have HIGH HOPES that Serena will rebound from a disappointing Olympics. In fact, that performance might HELP, because sticking the Olympics between Wimbledon and the Open is pretty tiring and so let’s assume Serena held back so that she could spend the forthcoming fortnight bringing the thunder.

Taste Of Tennis New York - Gala

She certainly brought some here. The fringe skirt would probably drive ME crazy, but this is a woman who routinely plays tennis matches in full jewelry and is unfazed, so she obviously won’t be undone by some ropy fabric tickling her knees. Also, her lipstick is fab, the shoes are super cute, and pardon me while I just quickly drop and do twenty crunches. (There! That’ll fix everything. Phew.) Venus, though… in truth it’s not as bad as it could be, but that romper is perilously close to being a tunic. Tennis players are obviously REALLY used to that length, but for me it’s nonetheless flirting with silly. If it were super FLATTERING, that would be one thing, but it’s unremarkable and has me looking down at her feet instead. And hey, hooray for an orange pedicure. We can leave on that up note, at least.

[Photo: Getty]


Ten-Year Fugtrospective: The 2006 VMAs

In preparation for this year’s VMAs, which are this Sunday, we all step into the WayBack Machine to revisit its red carpet, ten years ago. And, you guys, the 2006 VMAs were NOT well attended. I was looking at our coverage and thought, “maybe Heather and I were just REALLY HUNGOVER this week and didn’t feel like writing about this?” — we were much younger then; it was wholly possible — but I actually think it was not a celeb hot ticket that year for some reason. Red carpet attendees including everyone from The Hills (which is peak 2006), including Brent Bolthouse, and also, like, Rocco DiSpirito? Which is not to say that some of these flashbacks will not thrill and delight you, because THEY WILL. Oh, they WILL.